Certification by EuroEndoCert

EuroEndoCert, on behalf of Stiftung Endometrioseforschung (SEF) and the European Endometriosis League (EEL), addresses hospitals, reproductive medicine units, doctor’s offices and rehabilitation institutions who wish to have their treatment processes for endometriosis patients certified.


The certificate is based on the German National  „Guideline for the Diagnosis and Treatment of Endometriosis“ in its respective actual version.

EuroEndoCert carries out, as of now, all (re-) certifications.

All issued certificates will remain valid for the time indicated and are being published on this website. As before, certification criteria are outlined by SEF and EEL.

Advice for Patients and Family Members

EuroEndoCert will not reply to requests from private persons. For general enquiries, please refer directly  to EEL or  SEF.

Mission Statement

Endometriosis is a frequent disease with many aspects. The EuroEndoCert certificate confirms to the bearer that his/her institution has implemented treatments according to the individual needs of the woman and to actual guidelines. EuroEndoCert is committed to transparent, fair,  and professional interaction with its clients

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