Terms and Conditions


Subject of this agreement is the evaluation of the applicant by EuroEndoCert with respect to his treatment of patients with endometriosis, in particular adherence to guidelines and frequency of treatments. Granting of the certificate includes the permission to use the registered trademark „Von der SEF zertifiziertes Endometriosezentrum“ and related logos.



EuroEndoCert GmbH proposes a cost estimate including fees and variable costs to the applicant.  Accepting this offer constitutes a legally binding agreement and the fee for review of the questionnaire is due.



The agreement is made individually between EuroEndCert GmbH and the applicant as an entrepreneur or a legal entity in the sense of German public law code,  §§ 305b und 310 BGB (German Public Law Code) apply accordingly.


EuroEndCert warrants processing of the application within 6 weeks of receipt of the fee for review oft the questionnaire.


The certification fee is due upon fixation of a date for the audit.


EuroEndoCert warrants issue of an audit report within 4 weeks after the audit.


The first annual fee is due at the transfer of the certificate and of the permission to use our logos.


If the certification process cannot be conducted completely, both parties have the right to withdraw from the agreement. Fees for services not rendered may be refunded to the applicant if EuroEndoCert is responsible for the failure to complete the process. If the responsibility for the failure to complete the process rests with the applicant, he shall be held accountable for all expenses incurred.


The agreement does not include granting of a requested certificate. If the certificate (even if only of a certain type of certificate) is denied, no claims for refund or abatement are accepted.


The certificate is linked personally to the head of the endometriosis centre. In case this person leaves the institution, the institution may apply for a re-audit within 6 months. If no application is submitted, the certificate expires.


The maintenance of the certificate depends on the chargeable, yearly submission of an annual report in due time and form (currently 31st March of the consecutive year). If deadline or form are not met, additional fees will be charged. Additionaly the certification commission may impose a successful additional/surveillance audit, which is chargeable too.


The certificate may be withdrawn if EuroEndoCert obtains knowledge that the applicant has willfully given false information or other circumstances arise which make the maintenance of the certificate an undue hardship for EuroEndoCert.


Place of fulfilment and jurisdiction is Mannheim.

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