Certification Process

The certification process is exactly defined and we do our best to meet indicated time lines.


In response to your request, we will send you an individual, tentative cost estimate and an invoice for the review of the questionnaire. Please have this cost estimate signed by the person in charge of economics, scan it and send it back by e-mail. It serves as a legal agreement between you and us.


After receipt of the fee for the review of the questionnaire and the agreed and signed estimate, you can mail us the questionnaire together with any attachments in .pdf format.


All your documents are then sent to two expert auditors who will review them within four weeks and address queries in a pre-audit check form. If a collaborating endometriosis patient self help organization exists in your country, we will also forward your documents there.


Next, we will coordinate a date for the audit with you.


Private/ out patient practices without surgical facilities will generally be reviewed solely based on your written documents. If a formal audit is deemed necessary, we will provide you with an extended estimate.


The audit takes about 3-4 hours (Recertification 2-3 h) and will be conducted by the same auditors, accompanied, if available, by a representative of the self help organisation. A typical agenda for an audit can be found here.   You may vary the agenda, depending on local requirements. We recommend that you put an emphasis on coordinated interdisciplinary and interprofessional treatment options for your patients that exceed the standard of care


Within 3 weeks, one of the auditors will write a report which will be sent to you for correction of factual errors and to the certification committee for approval.


After settlement of the final bill, we will provide you with a formal certificate, our logos for use on your website and your center will be listed on our website.


If you would like to be (re-)certified, please send us an initial contact request.

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