I have a certificate issued by SEF, EEL and EVD. Do I need to do anything?

No the certificate is valid as issued. EuroEndoCert will contact you in time before your certificate expires.


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I would like to be certified for the first time. What do I need to do?

The contact request form is here.

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Who do I sent the annual report to?

To EuroEndoCert, via E-Mail to sek@euroendocert.de. The report is due on March 31st of the respective consecutive year. Please adhere to the requirements for the report for Clinical and Clinical and Scientific Centres of Excellence. reports not meeting these requirements are regarded as not handed in.

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Who decides on awarding of the certificates?

The auditors write a report. In straightforward cases, the report is submitted to the certification committee for approval. In cases with concerns, the management asks all members of the committee for a formal vote which is then binding.

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Can I challenge the vote?

In debatable instances, we will forward your arguments to the certification committee. There is, however, no entitlement to any distinct certificate.

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We have only just launched our centre and do not yet meet the required number of cases for a clinical center. What can we do?

First, review your hysterectomies. You can count all hysterectomies performed for dys-/hypermenorrhoea and with a histology positive for adenomyosis. In all other surgical cases, histology specimens must have been obtained and in 80% this must be positive for endometriosis.

Second, you can apply for a basic centre if one surgeon has personally performed or supervised at least fifty cases and your required network includes a certified clinical center of excellence.

Once your centre meets the required figures for a higher level, we will decide whether or not an additional audit is needed. Usually, patient figures increase markedly after certification.


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Can I select an auditor?

Generally not, but we will accommodate concerns if you disagree with a certain auditor for specific reasons.

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